Our Team

Rowland Asfales - Chief Executive Officer

Having experienced 5 times failed, Asfales went the extra mile in establishing Pijakbumi until being on roll in the worldwide market. He is fully motivated to create better products considering sustainability aspects and puts an eye on gaining a competitive edge in business development.
LinkedIn: Rowland Asfales 

Vania Audrey Pakpahan - Chief Operational Officer

Keen on understanding the retail industry, Vania drives her role to a better future at Pijakbumi. As a leader, she is always all ears to the team and affords systematic and visionary approaches to every solution.
LinkedIn: Vania Audrey

Wenseslaus Guantana - Product Designer

Being in love with design and fashion, Wens shaped his thoughts into creativity and innovation for products. An outwardly easygoing person but fiercely competitive, Wens always hit the nail on the head to create remarkable new products.

LinkedIn: Wens

Sahrul Ramadhan - Production and Operational

Well-known as the life and soul of the party, he resonates his love to cherish people in how he preserved artisans and other third parties. With 2 years of experience, he translates design concepts into material realities and leads the artisan to create product instances.

LinkedIn: Sahrul

Yemima Putri Sormin - Customer Service

Loves chatting up and listening to others, Yemima is the real hit-it-off meeting someone new. In Pijakbumi, she has to understand all the customers and it is well-evidenced seeing them feel fulfilled after reaching out to her.

LinkedIn: Yemima

Raihan Alif Ramadhan - Content Marketing Strategist (Visualizer)

Like two peas in a pod, Raihan never let alone his camera. His eyes stroll spontaneously around the place, capturing precious slices of time where other people don't see. When his lens is off, he is most likely listening to music where his heart is.

LinkedIn: Raihan

Khoirotun Nisa - Content Marketing Strategist

Loving to share about a sustainable way of living, Nisa influences others through what she writes. She is a natural choice for work that requires attention to detail. Besides working on commissioned projects, Nisa likes to dip her toe in the water to find and learn new things.
LinkedIn: Nisa

Fauzi Syaepul Fajar - Customer Relationship Management

With a passion for business ethical impact, Fauzi is a true go-getter to define and realise future strategies in consumer insights and brand positioning. Having a background in management, he fully appreciates what every team member does.
LinkedIn: Fauzi

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