Carbon Footprint

Every production process can have a side impact on the environment. These impacts can affect water, soil, air, and other environmental elements. One of the quantifiable impacts on the life cycle of a pair of shoes is the carbon emissions released during each stage of production. Cheah et al. (2012) explained in the results of their research that a pair of shoes can contribute 14 kg of total carbon emissions in its life cycle.

The largest contributor to carbon emission is in the manufacturing process of 9.5 kg CO2 -equivalent followed by carbon emissions from materials of 4 kg CO2 -equivalent. Pijakbumi has taken control to measure in the selection and using materials, and how the shoes that Pijakbumi produces end up in the hands of consumers.

Life Cycle Of Shoe

End Of Life



The Circular Economy (CE) framework is our pathway to sustainability. It implies our commitment to create low carbon footwear by implementing responsible production

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