The name Pijakbumi was inspired by Earthing, which can be interpreted as direct contact between humans and the earth without using footwear. We want everyone who used Pijakbumi can feel direct contact with our mother nature. It is also the natural way to neutralize our emotionally state.

Pijakbumi is particularly committed to creating good design footwear. This has become our commitment to manufacturing similarly valuable products whilst working hard on delivering sustainable values to our green society. Through our brand-driven storytelling and social environment campaign with the hashtag #ForBetterEarth, we empower our society to consume fewer energy products as well as to conserve our natural resources.

We do believe that behind every success story of Pijakbumi and or any other brands, there will always be a huge support team and solid collaboration. Hence we have also partnered with illustrators, artists, environmental initiatives, and even our valuable communities to broaden our positive impact #ForBetterEarth.

We hope you earnestly enjoy your Ecological Footprint as much as we do.


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