Our Story

Back in 2014, Rowland Asfales got his sneakers stolen in his 3 x 3 sqm dorm. He was just an undergraduate student who couldn’t afford new pairs but decided to design his own shoes instead. Yes, never have he thought how the incident would turn into a blessing in disguise.

Long story short,  Asfales met some shoe craftsmen who lived in such poor living conditions around Cibaduyut area—they work, they eat, and they also sleep in the same room contaminated with unpleasant smell of chemical adhesives. Then Asfales came up with an idea to create better shoes in a better way. He wanted to promote the beauty of local high craftsmanship with proper attention to reducing harmful impacts on workers and the environment.

Thereafter in April 2016,  Asfales established his footwear brand namely Pijakbumi. The name itself refers to the philosophy of Earthing which is believed as one of the most healing remedies nature has to offer—in hopes that Pijakbumi made us feel more connected to Mother Earth. They rocketed their first prototype of GENE Sneakers which were quintessential to cleanliness and simplicity.

Here is a glimpse of their prologue which might be the reason why Pijakbumi keeps ahead of the footwear industry. Ever since Pijakbumi embarked their journey as sustainable fashion brand focusing on creating eco-aesthetic footwear and leather goods. Through brand-driven storytelling and social environment campaign, they earnestly empower the society to consume less energy products as well as to conserve our natural resources.