Cleaning Kit

Rp 49,500.00
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Cleaning Kit

Rp 49,500.00
Rp 49,500.00
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Clean your shoes and clothes with natural materials that are safe for your skin and the environment. Lerak contain saponin sap which can produce foam and function as a natural washing agent that does not irritate the skin, does not contain harmful chemical compounds, and the remaining water from lerak soap is safe for the environment. The brush made from coconut fiber is 100% compostable material.

How to use lerak as a shoe cleaner

  1. Prepare lerak and enough water. 
  2. Boil the lerak until the water turns yellow or soak the lerak in warm water overnight so that the sap in the lerak comes out. 
  3. Rub soft lerak on the stained area.
  4. Use a cleaning brush then brush the area that has been scrubbed with lerak.
  5. Rinse the wet area by wiping it with a clean cloth until dry.
  6. Dry in the open air, avoid the direct sunlight

How to use lerak to wash clothes

  1. Soak lerak for two nights
  2. After two nights, the lerak will soften, press the lerak fruit repeatedly to release saponin sap
  3. Separate the lerak fruit from the seeds
  4. Place the soft lerak fruit in a small bag
  5. Put it in the washing machine
  6. To wash clothes manually, shake or blend a mixture of water and lerak fruit sap. Use a ratio of 50 ml + 1 liter of water 


    • Origin: Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia.
    • Material
      • Soap : Sapindus rarak de candole or Lerak
      • Brush: Wood and Coconut fiber
      • Bag: Calico Cloth
    • Packaging: Paper Bag

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