Suigetsu Water

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The shoe collaboration between Lafeet Zipang and atom by BUMI is named: 
The Suigetsu Moon Water 水月. There is a sacred beauty that we can experience and appreciate, but words are not enough to contain all the feelings we are trying to pour into them. As our admiration for the moon’s (moonlight) reflection on the lake's water, it eventually made the colours of our shoe collaboration. 

In our collaborator’s perspective, it took around 6 years of Research and Development to find the difference between walking in barefoot and in shoes (with the support of the sports research team of OKAYAMA University and the aid of Japan Sport Science University). The research showed that the traditional JIKATABI with the divided toe allows our toe to move more flexibly to all directions which proves that JIKATABI is the closest footwear to barefoot. 

The shoe collaboration between Lafeet Zipang and atom by BUMI brings you the meticulous handwork of shoemaking and the search for authentic experience. The design and specifications of a running shoe with the advantage of barefoot-like kicking power that is also safe and durable.

In comparison to other shoes, these shoes easily feed the running strides wider during the faster running. It fits intermediate distance runners, and with the greater kicking power, the stride will be extended and the up-and-down movements will be controlled and smoother during the run.
Lafeet ZipangとAtom by BUMIのコラボレーションでできた靴の名前は:「水月」。感じられる神聖的な美しさは存在するが、言葉に表すことができない。日本語の「水月」という言葉は、水面に映される月の美しさが平安時代の文学作品に影響を与える。その美しさがこのコラボレーションの色とする。


Lafeet Zipangとatom by BUMIのコラボレーションで本格的な裸足の感覚の体験を地峡すると靴づくりの詳細な技術を同時に体験できる。また、裸足の力を保ちながらランニング靴の安全さの組み合わせデザインがアドバンテージを与える。


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