Meet Our MAESTRO Artisan


Meet Zeni


Zeni is such sweet and so joyful always. We always love talking about many things with him. He has been working as a shoemaker for 7 years. His hands are very skilled at assembling various types of shoes.



Last week when we visited we asked Zeni why working as a shoe artisan? 

He answered that, “Almost every day when I was young, I joined my father to work as a shoe artisan. I learned a lot from him.”

He is incredibly hardworking. When the pandemic period made Zeni lose his job, Zeni once switched professions to become an online driver.

Zeni has two children and his goal is to have all his children complete their education.


Meet Mamat


Anyone who meets the figure of Mamat will agree that he is a figure of courage and integrity. While other junior high school students focused on their education, Mamat chose to work from one city to another, when his parents could no longer afford to send him to school. Working in various footwear factories, Mamat succeeded in forming skills in making shoes and sandals specifically for women. For him, quality is number one. This makes him trustworthy and reliable.



His hard work is now paying off, Mamat is not only able to support his family, but also provides work for his family in his hometown. He has a small workshop next to his house that has become a lifeline for the four shoe artisan. Even though the challenges faced by Pak Mamat are not easy, working and caring for three children as single parents in a city that was previously foreign to him, there is still infinite gratitude that is always spoken from him,

"Alhamdulillah, now I don't have to worry anymore because the family can still eat and can help families in my hometown who need a job."


Meet Witana


Witana, working in the shoe industry for 6 years has made Witana a persevering and patient person. His skillful hands are credited with making each shoe is clean of various glues and scribbles from the rest of the pattern pens.



On holidays, Witana often returns to his hometown that is still close to where he lives.

"I like fishing with my little friends," answered Witana when we asked what his hobby is.

Such a meaningful friendship for Witana.

From his friends, Witana learned to be a shoe artisan that is now his main job to support his wife and child who is still in kindergarten.

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